We Are Moving To …


We just found out on Tuesday and I am still in shock. I’ve always complained about the heat in the South but … come on! As of now we don’t know for sure when we will be moving but it will likely be in September, only a few short days/weeks after baby boy is born. Logistically, […]

Worlds Best Marinated BBQ Vegetable Recipe


This post is inspired by Kenmore Grills. The recipe is inspired by Aunt Margie. I am not exaggerating; this super simple marinade recipe makes for the worlds best BBQ vegetables. My mom started using it a few years ago, and I’d request them every time I went home to visit. After Travis and I bought […]

How Your Fridge Can Help You Lose Weight


After losing 50 pounds, and keeping it off for 5+ years now, I’ve finally learned what works to keep the weight off. I was just reading an article yesterday that says 80% of women who lose weight will eventually gain it back. I spent the first year or two post weight-loss worried I’d ‘fall off […]

Fitness Friday: Workouts this week, what’s in my fridge, and cat photos


Saturday: 5 miles (2.5 mile ruck walk, 2.5 miles without pack.) Sunday: REST Monday: REST (Diabetes Test Induced Coma) Tuesday: my 500 Calorie No Equipment Workout Wednesday: Tracey Mallet F.I.T. Thursday: 1 mile run, 2 mile incline walk Friday: Hopefully my 500 Calorie No Equipment Workout again! Next week I’ll be in my 3rd trimester (already!) […]

Is DailyBurn Worth it?


I’m a proud workout-at-home fanatic. I haven’t even stepped foot inside of a gym in years. Nothing against gyms, it’s just so much easier for me to roll out of bed and workout in my pj’s sometimes. Since I’ve started working out at home about 5 years ago I’ve amassed a nice library of workout […]

Healthy Mushroom & Spinach Stuffed Shells

Mushroom and Spinach Stuffed Shells

I’ve been holding onto this recipe for mushroom and spinach stuffed shells for weeks. It just looked like so.much.work. I loved that it was packed full of veggies as I usually like to make my dinners ‘one pot meals.’ Meaning, I don’t make any separate vegetable sides as the main dish has enough in there. […]

Weekend Fun: Pool Time, my Rucking Experiment, and Cat Strollers


Rabbit, rabbit! For further proof that I was a strange child I somehow heard about the superstition that saying, “rabbit rabbit” first thing upon waking on the first of the month would ensure good luck all month long. It’s seriously a thing. Proof. I was probably in middle school when I started doing it regularly. […]