Happy Halloween!


I’m a Halloween grinch this year. I didn’t put out a single decoration! Shocking given the 4 huge boxes I have of various Halloween decor (See my epic Halloween collection in this post.) I think I’ve just been so busy it’s hard for me to even register that the month of October is nearly over. […]

Week in Workouts

Oct 25

I got a taste of what post-marathon life would be like this week. I had an amazing run on Saturday – 21 miles! I gave it my all and I felt it the following days. I tried to run Monday but was so sore I could hardly stand so I ended up walking 2 miles […]

The Problem with Protein Powders


(1) Many people do not need additional protein (2) Most protein powders are filled with chemical junk and totally over-processed To find out how much protein you need check out this handy online calculator. The minimum amount it gave me was 40 grams per day, and since I’m a vegetarian doing endurance training they suggested […]

21 Miles + Lamest Weekend Ever

2013-10-19 10.31.52

This really may be my most pitiful weekend update to date. The highlight of it was killing my long run Saturday (I should be arrested for how badly I beat this run.) I’ve been struggling so much with shin splints, achilles issues and extreme fatigue that I was totally unsure how my longest training run […]

Week in Workouts

ocOct 18

First of all – thank you so much for the birthday wishes and donations to my Humane Society fund! I’ll get more into my birthday festivities after a peek at this weeks lackluster workouts. With all the health drama I’ve been having I’ve started to break away from the marathon training plan. I followed it […]