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Hiking Cheaha State Park


I’ve always loved the outdoors. I mean – how many other 14 year old girls would think spending a week backpacking in the woods for Spring Break would be an awesome time? Despite the look on my face in this photo I genuinely loved being up in the mountains. Dad and I spent two Spring […]

Happy Birthday Salem!

Cat Party

When I adopted Salem and his brother Prince in 2006 we were unsure what their actual birthday was (they were found in an ally – you can read their full story here.) My boyfriend at the time had a daughter whose birthday was in July, the same month the Vet guessed they were born in, […]

My Marathon Training Plan


Monday night I rushed out of work and straight to the Marathon Training kickoff meeting at Running Wild. Before the meeting my feelings toward marathon training were evenly split: 50% excited and 50% WTH did I get myself into. After the meeting: 75% excited to 25% Get out while you still can. Success! Photo courtesy […]