Fitness Friday: I have another marathon in 9 weeks?

2014-11-11 06.56.12

Saturday: Wedding day 5k Sunday: Pensacola marathon Monday: REST Tuesday: Shake-out 5k (took me 40 minutes!) Wednesday: 4.25 mile walk Thursday: Xtend Barre Friday: 3-6 mile run Yes, you read that right. I have marathon #4 coming in just 9 short weeks! Travis and I will be traveling to the Big Easy to do the […]

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I made $1,838 from this blog in October

October Income Report$1,838 (1)

Last week I asked on facebook if anyone would be interested in seeing a monthly blog income report. I am borderline obsessed with seeing what other bloggers make and apparently many of you feel the same way! Making Sense of Cents made over $14,000 last month and Pinch of Yum made nearly $19,000! Having bloggers […]

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Our $1780 Wedding at the Pensacola Museum of Art

2014-11-08 12.33.14

When Travis and I got engaged two months ago we had already talked about what type of wedding ceremony we wanted. Small, casual, and inexpensive. With his mom and grandma already slated to come down this past weekend to watch him and his uncle run the Pensacola Marathon we decided to have the ceremony the day […]

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Pensacola Marathon (& Wedding Sneak Peek!)

2014-11-09 05.46.50

I can’t believe this weekend actually happened. The wedding and reception were perfect, and Travis and I finished the marathon together hand-in-hand! I’m going to focus mostly on the marathon today, but tomorrow I’ll share the wedding recap and when I get the professional photos back next week I’ll share those as well. Travis and I […]

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