Week In Workouts

2013-11-12 08.34.55

Could it be? An actual day of strength training! Oh em gee. It felt great to pull out one of my favorite Jillian Michael’s DVD this week. I went with level 2 and my arms were shaking as I put on my make-up. I forgot how good that felt! My run on Thursday was 4 […]

I survived Marathon Training


500 + miles 3 pairs of shoes 100+ pounds of ice A lifetime of memories! Now, clearly I’m no expert given that I’ve run a whopping one marathon. However, I learned a lot about training and what to expect on race day from following other bloggers so I wanted to share my experience as well. […]

Pensacola Humane Society


While at work yesterday I started to check my bank account balance hourly to see if the funds you all donated to my marathon charity had been deposited. Right after lunch I saw that they were, so I got the okay from my  boss to leave a little early so I could swing by the […]

Pensacola Marathon


I did it. I am a marathoner! It was surreal, painful, exhilarating, terrifying, and as my running partner put it  – “harder than having 3 kids without epidurals – combined.” This post will be just a recap of the day/race, but I will be posting again this week with all of my thoughts, tips and […]

Happy Birthday Dad!

2013-11-03 08.09.45

To  the coolest Marathoner I know (& Worlds Greatest Dad) – Happy Birthday! Sunday the parentals came out to spend some time in Pensacola to celebrate Dad’s birthday early. Before they got here I went into full on beast-mode to compensate for the wallowing I did Saturday. By 10 a.m. I had cleaned the house, […]

Week in Workouts


It’s officially taper time! This week’s runs are pretty similar in distance to last week but we are gradually cutting down. Next week we only run 2x during the week. We have 3 rest days and I think I’ll end up going for a walk those mornings. I feel schleppy starting off the day with […]

Happy Halloween!


I’m a Halloween grinch this year. I didn’t put out a single decoration! Shocking given the 4 huge boxes I have of various Halloween decor (See my epic Halloween collection in this post.) I think I’ve just been so busy it’s hard for me to even register that the month of October is nearly over. […]