Plan With Me: My 100 Mile Goal + Meal Prep

May 1st, 2016 | Posted by Erica House in Fitness | Health

In the  beginning of April I set a goal to get 100 miles in before the end of the month. Well, I slacked off a bit and ended up only getting 65 miles in by the beginning of last week. I contemplated letting go of the goal, but I just couldn’t. So, little man and I did a lot of walking and running last week and after a 5 mile run yesterday I officially hit 100 miles!
River at Fort Wainwright

I love, love, love that baby boy enjoys being in the stroller and going on walks. I don’t keep him out more than an hour usually and he’ll play with a toy I’ve attached to the stroller, nap, and literally just look around laughing at things.

We’ve been exploring a lot of new areas and I came across this picnic table yesterday. Anytime I see a spot to picnic I think of bringing baby back there next year when we can actually sit down and eat together. It always gives me the feels.
Picnic Bench at Fort Wainwright

Yesterday we did our usual weekly grocery trip and I had a pretty small haul this time. The Almond milk was on sale for $1 off so I stocked up. I had a lot of stuff at home already that I needed for the week ahead so I got about half as much as I normally do. Vegetarian Carb Cycling

My zero calorie drink game is strong. IMG_9991

On the menu this week:

Breakfast: scrambled eggs or zoats

Lunch: glowing spiced lentil soup from Oh She Glows

Dinner: protein smoothie

Snacks: hard boiled eggs, fruit, glo bars, air popped popcorn and PB+banana

For little man I made coconut oil roasted broccoli and carrots, plain roasted sweet potato, GF pasta and he’ll be having some of the hard boiled eggs as well. I’m also going to try giving him some mozzarella cheese this week, and maybe avocado toast. I hadn’t roasted his veggies in coconut oil before and he flipped for them.

Baby Led Weaning 8 Meals

I took this photo Friday coming home from bootcamp … just two Moose, doing Moose things, on the side of the road. It’s so hard to tell their size in photos but the one closest to me was about 8 feet tall.
Moose in FairbanksMy parents should be at the house early today and I can’t wait to see them! I’m looking forward to seeing how baby interacts with them since it’s been 7 months since he’s seen them. I’m sure we’ll run to the grocery store later so they can stock up, and then I’ve got a long list of things I want to show them while they are here. Crepes may be at the top of that list, a visit to Santa Clauses house in the North Pole, and lots of hiking.

Are you doing any food prep today?

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4 Responses

  • I hope you’ve had a wonderful weekend, girl! Way to go on hitting the 100 mile mark!

    I can’t blame little man on flipping over those coconut oil roasted veggies – I would too! ;)

  • Debra Bros says:

    Well done on hitting 100 miles! That’s awesome. My girl never liked being in the car seat or the pram so going for runs and walks was almost impossible til after she started daycare would’ve been great to do it before then. Your meal prep looks great too.

    • Erica House says:

      Thanks! I’m lucky that he loves the stroller so much. I don’t know what I’d do if he was fussy all the time.