Plan With Me: Peek Inside my Fridge + New Metabolism Boosting Snack Obsession

April 24th, 2016 | Posted by Erica House in Life

I don’t care how lame it makes me sound I freaking love grocery shopping.

Clothes shopping? Hate it. Furniture shopping? Stresses me out.

But groceries? I could spend all day in there. Then I get to come home and organize it all and my little nerdy heart explodes with joy.

Groceries in Alaska are expensive. Really, really, expensive. Everything you see below is about $150. I had a $10 gift card to the store to use thanks to a coupon deal a few weeks ago and $5 in coupons. This is mostly for me, but Travis also drinks Almond milk so he’ll go through two of those cartons.

I rarely buy juice but these were on sale for $2.99, and each one had a $1 off coupon hanging from it. They don’t expire until June so I grabbed a few of each flavor they had left.

I got 3 packs of Zevia Ginger Root Beer (1) because I’m obsessed and have one a day and (2) I had a coupon for $1 off 3 packs. Saved a whopping .33 cents a pack. I eat very little dairy but the cottage cheese was half off as it’s expiring this week so I grabbed some. I love putting cocoa powder and stevia in it. I’m sure it sounds disgusting but it tastes delicious!IMG_2035

Stocked up on nuts (3 containers will probably last me a whole week), GF crackers and pancake mix, and frozen fruit for smoothies.

My menu this week:

Breakfast: scrambled eggs with tofu or Zoats

Lunch: Oh She Glows Detox Soup

Dinner: Protein Smoothie

Snacks: pineapple ginger smoothie, nuts, fruit, GF crackers + tofu dip

I just love, love, love a well stocked (and organized) fridge.

FullSizeRender (3)Late night snacking hits me nearly every day so I love to have healthy options on hand. When I’m craving something sweet I usually slice up a gala apple and cover it with cinnamon. Lately I’ve also started having some pineapple chunks sprinkled with cayanne powder. The cayanne gives your metabolism a boost and pineapple helps get rid of bloating. I love the sweet and spicy combo!

FullSizeRender (2)

Today is low calorie day so I won’t be exercising. We will probably go on a walk with the bambino and get some stuff done around the house. The weather here has been perfect all weekend! Highs around 60 and lots of sun. I’ll be making the detox soup tonight. It’s just a ton of veggies and spices like tumeric. Love starting the week off with healthy food prepped and a clean house!

How is your weekend going?
Favorite late night snack?

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