Plan With Me: Meal Prep + Workouts for the Week

January 17th, 2016 | Posted by Erica House in Life

Happy Sunday! I finally remembered to snap a photo of my new fitness planner. It’s an expansion pack for the Happy Planner I use. I use it to track my meals and workouts. For now I don’t have any specific diet goals since I’m nursing and don’t want to reduce calories too much because it may impact my supply. My daily goals are always to hit 100 grams of protein (as a vegetarian this isn’t always easy!) and drink at least 8 glasses of water.


My workouts for the week will be:

Monday: Upper body + abs

Tuesday: Interval speed work (getting ready to start my 5k training plan!)

Wednesday: Rest

Thursday: 5k

Friday: Barre

Saturday: 4 mile run

Sunday: Leg day

I’m moving away from the workout DVD’s I used to use near daily, and more toward lifting heavier weights. I’m picking out workouts from Jamie Eason’s free Live Fit Trainer.

This week I wanted to show off my weekly spread ‘before the pen’ (that’s cool planner kids lingo.) I despise my handwriting and just thought this weeks layout was particularly pretty. I still remember being envious of girls in middle school who had that perfect, bubbly handwriting. Mine just looks like chicken scratches.

I used washi from the gorgeous new gold washi roll from Michaels and some paper from the corresponding paper pack. I had to place things to cover up where the pen bled through from last week. Not cute.

Meals this week will be:

Breakfast: Oatmeal + Mothers Milk Tea

Lunch: Salad or Hearty Rice Skillet (I never got around to making it last week!)

Dinner: Protein Smoothie or Soup (still have some leftover miso split pea soup from last week.)

Snacks: hard boiled eggs, crackers, greek yogurt and protein bars

My prep was pretty minimal for the week. Today I’ll be boiling some eggs, cooking brown rice for the salad (I’ll make a ‘burrito bowl’ salad with brown rice, black beans, olives, red onion and buffalo ranch dressing) and making my hearty rice skillet. Won’t take more than an hour and I’ll have delicious food for the week!

I always have people asking how I make my protein smoothies so here is my basic recipe. I swear this one tastes the closest to an actual chocolate milkshake and I look forward to having one every night! I use a scoop of Premier Protein powder, then put in a big handful of spinach, a sliced frozen banana, and as much ice to hit the ‘fill line.’ Then I put in almond milk, 2 heaping tablespoons of cocoa powder, and a big squirt of honey. It’s divine!

What are you prepping today?

How has your weekend been so far?

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7 Responses

  • I love these planner posts! I’m trying put a bullet Journaling, b it I’m keeping all the layouts super simple until I get a better hang of it, but I love getting all these fun decorating ideas!

    • Erica House says:

      I need to look into bullet journaling! As much as I love my planner for keeping track of appointments, I think I still prefer to-do lists to keep me on task every day.

  • So pretty! I got a new planner (finally), but I’m still catching it up. Decorating will probably come next week.
    This weekend was nuts. We spent Saturday in a neighboring city taking pictures, walking around, and then went to a free showing of Labyrinth in a theater from the 1920’s. It was so awesome seeing it in a theater! Then I traveled across NC yesterday to run a booth at a bridal show for one of the companies that I work with. In short, my Monday is going to be very relaxing.
    PS: I will never have perfect handwriting.

    • Erica House says:

      What kind of planner are you using? I’m trying to talk myself out of buying like … 5 different planners right now.

      • Don’t feel bad. I’ve got three planners in the mix right now: One for gardening and life stuff, my old one that only goes until August of 2016, and my new one. You can check out the new one here: — I like it because it’s got a weekly spread with enough rows per day to separate out each business that I work with into it’s own little spot. I have a row for stuff that pertains to my non-work life, too, for ultimate anal retentiveness. I love it.