Power Outages and Anniversaries

September 22nd, 2012 | Posted by Erica House in Life

I was looking forward to my lecture in Human Growth and Development yesterday. The topic was on Health & Wellness and that couldn’t be more appropriate for me! I spent my office hours before class reviewing my notes and enjoying one of my favorite pre-class snacks:

Unfortunately, class didn’t go as planned since the power went out literally 5 minutes before I was supposed to start. I held class anyways, but made it an abbreviated lecture. I felt so lost without my powerpoints! I can’t imagine the Dark Ages when people actually had to teach with just their minds.


Turns out some car crashed into a utility pole down the street and knocked out power for a few businesses that morning. Fortunately, the driver was okay. Unfortunately, he’s no in jail on various charges including driving with a suspended license and possession of crack cocaine!

My day was made significantly better when I came home to find these gorgeous flowers waiting for me.

The card is so perfect for me. Matt likes to buy wildly inappropriate cards for special occasions (like, a happy birthday card to his mom from her ‘favorite little princess’) and he picked this Rosh Hashanah card for me. To be fair, I have been watching a ton of documentaries on Judaism lately and always eat an apple a day!

We headed to our favorite restaurant, Global Grill, to celebrate. Sorry for the horrid photo quality, all I had was my iPhone!

Now, we’re off to walk around outside for a bit and enjoy the cool weather. We both woke up not feeling like doing any vigorous exercise so this will be perfect. We literally have zero things to do this weekend so we’re taking our time getting going today. It’s a rare treat!

Hope you all have a gorgeous and relaxing weekend!

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