Reason #217 Why I Love PUMA

April 2nd, 2014 | Posted by Erica House in Life

The following post is sponsored by FitFluential LLC on behalf of PUMA.

I just want to wear PUMA gear every day for the rest of my life.

Exhibit A: My very first PUMA review with the shirt I’d end up wearing in Marathon #1!


Exhibit B: The hottest workout outfit I own (and looking ‘hot’ is not on my priority list when exercising but it certainly doesn’t hurt!)


Between their cute cuts & styles and the comfort and durability of their pieces I can confidently say they are my favorite brand for workout clothes. Even that shirt in the first photo that I’ve had for about a year is still in just as good of condition as it was when I received it and I’ve probably worn it 40-50 times since then. I tend to like running in tanks that are longer (like the two above) but for working out at home my new favorite is their Gym Tank. It features their  coolCELL designation for its combination of moisture-wicking properties and anatomically placed airflow features. It has a built in sports bra so that’s one less thing I have to wear/wash and the back is ridiculously cute.


They also sent me their All Eyes on Me Jacket to try out, and I wish I had received this months ago as it’s already a bit to warm to wear it while working out here! I’ve still been wearing it a lot when I’m out running errands. It features the same coolCELL technology, thumb holes, and an awesome zipper pocket on the back. Most of my jackets have pockets so that took me a little to get used to not having on this, but with the thumb holes and back pocket all of the things I ‘need’ pockets for (to store stuff and keep my hands warm) are still fulfilled.


My favorite piece of the entire outfit is the Color Me Up Tights. I am SO anal about how my bottoms fit. I have to have thick waistbands and they can’t be tight at all. I’ve had bad experiences doing long runs with tight bottoms and my stomach hates me the rest of the day. These are the most comfortable tights/capri’s I’ve ever worn. They have the thick waistband with a drawstring so you can fit them as you’d like. When I first wore them the crotch area was riding a little low (is that TMI?) but I hiked the pants up a  bit higher and they’ve been fine on subsequent runs. I’m sure most of that has to do with my 5’2″ frame but I prefer my pants to ride up high anyways so it works for me.


Finally, the Mobium Elite v2 Women’s Shoes. Honestly these threw me off when I first put them on. They have a lot of support on the outside portion of your foot so it felt strange having that type of elevation in the shoe. I wore them out walking a few times before doing a few short runs in them and I still notice it but it doesn’t impact my stride at all. I don’t feel like they provide the support I need for long runs but for anything under 6-8 miles they feel great. Very lightweight and flexible.


The description from the PUMA website:

This Adaptive Running shoe is designed specifically for women. It adapts to the foot as it moves, expanding and contracting as the foot naturally does in stride. It is comprised of three advanced technologies, all proprietary to PUMA: the Mobium Band, Expansion Pods, and the Windlass Chassis, which together operate as a system to move the foot through an entire gait cycle and may increase efficiency during a run


I love this short video describing the design of the shoes:

The mobium  band on the bottom of the shoe is pretty cool! I think if I added some inserts to the shoes they’d be more supportive for my long runs so I’ll probably try that out once I’m done training for marathon #2 in a few weeks.

What are you most anal about when shopping for workout clothes? Itchy fabric? Tight waist bands?

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