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December 31st, 2012 | Posted by Erica House in Life

This weekend was virtually perfect; I caught a movie with brother Friday night, spent all day Saturday cleaning while rocking out to Elvis and met up with a friend for brunch after a new distance PR on Sunday!

2012-12-28 14.21.51

Friday afternoon I headed into Fort Walton to go watch Django Unchained with Josh. We tried to see it at the Rave in Destin (where this gigantic tree was still up!) but they were *so* busy we headed back to the fort to watch it. My thoughts on the movie were succinctly put in the twitter I put out after: It was the first Quentin Tarentino movie that didn’t make me hate Quentin Tarentino.  Not necessarily saying a whole lot, but it was a fun film and I loved Leonardo Dicaprio in it! Definitely planning to see Les Miserables this week.

Saturday I spent almost the entire day inside cleaning and prepping for the movie. I did stop for frequent cuddle breaks with this guy. I love when he caresses my face!

2012-12-29 09.23.47

I did stop for a bit to go grocery shopping and pick up some things to make one of my recent favorite recipes, cauliflower and quinoa kugel. I also roasted some acorn squash and still need to post this incredible vegetable medley recipe!

2012-12-29 17.23.40

Sunday morning I woke up ready to tackle a new distance PR: 12 miles. I actually got pretty hyped up over this run. I’ve decided to do a half marathon in January and setting a firm date has reinvigorated my ‘training’ plan. I wasn’t even phased by the 36 degree weather – I put on my Ninja Running outfit (and rocked pigtails for the first time ever – loved it!) and set out with my new asics.

2012-12-30 10.41.21

I hit my goal and once I realized at mile 10 I was actually going to make it (10 miles was my previous PR) I think I grinned ear-to-ear the last 2 miles. The only issues I had were some pretty severe blisters on my left foot which caused my gait to be off the last few miles and subsequently my left knee is throbbing. I’m icing it now and hoping that the shoes just needed to be broken in!

I came home to quickly refuel and shower so I could meet a friend for Brunch. Since he may read this I must lie and say nothing but nice things about how pleasant our conversation was and how much I enjoyed his company ;)

We meet up at The Leisure Club, one of my favorite brunch spots in Pensacola. I was seriously thinking about their quinoa cobbler as I ran that morning as motivation to get it over with so I could start stuffing my face! On the left is the garden frittata and a spectacularly fresh fruit cup in the center.

2012-12-30 12.30.11

I’ve never had a bad experience at TLC. The staff is always very friendly and prompt, and their ice cream and coffee are divine. We sat outside enjoying the weather and saw people being interviewed for something. I asked the girl later what they were asking her about and she said it was on the fiscal cliff and budget cuts. Thank goodness they didn’t ask me or I would have looked like a total moron on television.

2012-12-30 12.29.39

After brunch I hobbled up the street 2 blocks to Polonza’s Bistro for coffee. I had never been to Polonza’s before but I’m already looking forward to going back.

2012-12-30 13.17.13

I wasn’t aware that they had such a large coffee selection or that they were open for breakfast. The staff was so cordial to us (even though we were the last to leave!) and the Bolovian coffee we both ordered was smooth, rich and the perfect temperature (I hate scalding hot coffee.)

Aside from all the great food that made my tummy oh-so-happy the day was really completed by the company. I have very few people in my life that I would consider a true friend and just overall good person, and Dan is one of them. I felt like I spent half the time monopolizing the conversation by unloading all of my existential conundrums on him but he was polite and feigned a very convincing interest! Best of all, he sent me home with more food – grapefruits from trees that grow on his property. Salem was excited.

2012-12-30 15.37.13

So, what are your NYE plans? The last few years I’ve stayed in to do some soul searching and reflecting and I think I will do the same this year! I find it’s always a wonderful time to center myself and get inspired for the new year. 

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