Sams Fun City + Movie Night

September 6th, 2012 | Posted by Erica House in Life

This past weekend Matt politely pointed out that we have not been doing a lot of ‘Matt activities’ lately. Most of the things we do are ideas of mine that he cordially goes along with because (1) they are always great ideas and (2) he’s a great boyfriend.

There are a few things that he really enjoys that I don’t share the same level of enthusiasm for.


The Beatles.

News & Politics.


I told Matt I’d be happy to do whatever he wanted on Labor Day so we designated it as an unofficial ‘Matt Day’.

What did he pick for the day? Mini golf, Mellow Mushroom and a scary movie.

First up – Sams Fun City!

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Fun side note: I’ve actually met the ‘Sam’ of ‘Sams Fun City’, she worked with Matt this past summer! We got there around noon and, to be totally honest, I wasn’t expecting much. I used to drive by it often when I lived on that side of town and you can’t see a lot of the attractions from the main road. I anticipated it would be small, run-down, and generally … unimpressive. I’m quite happy to have been proven wrong! It is definitely a smaller theme park but there was so much to do there and Matt and I will definitely be going back once the temperatures cool down.

We played the 18 holes of mini golf in about 30 minutes. It was brutally hot out. Each hole had a different movie theme – so cute! Also explains why there is a zombie torso in that photo with me. We tied, but I think it’s only because Matt gave in to my pouty faces.

Next we went back inside to the arcade where I totally dominated skee ball.

I then owned Matt in 2 rounds of basketball. We’ve only played B-ball together a few times and I am shocked at how bad he is. I mean, he’s like 8 feet tall and I honestly think if his life depended upon making a basket he’d just drop the ball and run away as fast as possible.

The only thing Matt beat me in that day was losing coins in broken machines. We ended our time there with a quick pinball game and Matt’s realization that he has some sort of glandular problem.

We headed back to the house to hose Matt down and went to Mellow Mushroom for an early dinner. Matt had a Jerk Chicken Pita which subsequently turned him into a zombie.

I usually get one of their huge delicious salads but am trying to get out of my food rut so I went with something new and ordered the stuffed portobello.

It was really good but so not filling. While it was listed under their appetizer section I checked the nutritional info online before I ordered it and thought the 400 calorie total would be enough to hold me over until we got home after the movie. Wrong! Last minute trip to Publix to grab a snack and ziplock bags to smuggle it into the theater.

It’s probably been 10 years since I’ve had Teddy Grahams but I used to eat them in my lunch at school constantly. They weren’t quite as good as I remembered (damn healthy eating habits ruined my taste buds) but … the box is still almost empty :)

What are your favorite theater snacks?

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