Fitness Friday: I ran a 5k! and ate Healthy!


I had a great week of workouts! Saturday: 2 mile walk with babe (so a 10 pound weighted vest basically!) Sunday: 5k run + 2 mile walk Monday: T25 + 5k walk Tuesday: 5k run + 2 mile walk Wednesday: REST Thursday: 2 mile walk Friday: 5k run. My last in Florida! I've been trying to soak up ... read more

10 Ways to Find Your Next Race

Pensacola marathon

Since becoming an obsessive runner a few years ago I've spent hours pouring over websites trying to find races. Finding my next race wasn't always as straight-forward as I would have anticipated. There are hundreds of different websites that all list different races, and it seems like there isn't ... read more

That one time I placed in my age group at a 5k

2014-08-16 07.17.52-2

Something weird happens when you sign up to do a trail race in a small city. You actually have a chance of placing top 3 in your age group even if you are, comparatively, pretty slow. Travis and I have been looking forward to doing the Love 2 Run's 5k for Wounded Warriors for a few weeks. It ... read more

Fitness Friday: Back to the Real World


Saturday: 6 miles (11:10 pace) Sunday: 12 miles (10:40) Monday: 6 miles (10:50) + T25 Core Speed Tuesday: 4x1200 (9:00 pace) total of 6 miles (9:40 pace) + PiYo Define Lower Body Wednesday: PiYo Define Upper Body & Sweat Thursday: 10 miles (7 @ 10:00 pace) Friday: 6 miles (11:00) Total ... read more

5k PR’s and Soaking up All the Sun

2014-04-10 15.33.25-1

With rain hijacking the last few weekends we finally had the type of weekend that epitomizes the gorgeous Spring weather in Florida. I was able to spend some time hanging out with a friend on his front porch and this photo just about sums up how perfect it has been outside. He has an incredible ... read more

Big News & Bigger News

Personal Records

Yesterday was truly epic! I woke up and had that "I'm going to kill it" feeling about my workout. The last 2 weeks I haven't had as much energy for exercise as I normally do. It's strange since I love it so much but I can only assume the stress from end of term is making it difficult for me to ... read more