The best Christmas gift Ever

December 24th, 2012 | Posted by Erica House in Life

Friday morning I headed out bright and early to surprise Mom in fwb with one of her Christmas gifts before she left for work. Every year on Christmas Day we watch ‘A Christmas Story’ and she has often alluded to getting a leg lamp to put up in the window.

Mission: Accomplished.


A Leg Lamp

We wanted her to have it before Christmas so she could enjoy it some this year. She also already knew what she was getting since Dad forgot to tell her not to look at the credit card statement after we ordered it! I think it’s fair to say the whole family will enjoy this for years to come. We’re totally going to be that house on the block with the Leg Lamp.

After Mom left I decided to stick around for the day for an impromptu ‘Take Your Kids to Work’ Day with my Dad and brother. It had been ages since I had seen where my Dad works at and I had nothing pressing to rush home for so I enjoyed touring his office and some of the facilities on Eglin Air Force Base.


If you’re not careful you can get hit by a plane on the roads. I love the frowning red light.

2012-12-21 11.17.14

2012-12-21 11.17.32

I admired some of my old photos and a bizarre looking pencil holder I made for him while the men folk looked at engineering books. My dad has his doctorate in Mechanical Engineering (from University of Kentucky) and my brother is currently in school at UF for a Bachelors in the same.

2012-12-21 11.20.23

I thought this room title was amazing:

2012-12-21 11.24.05

After the tour we meet Mom for lunch at Panera. If you haven’t had their Mediterranean sandwich yet do so immediately. It is incredible!

2012-12-21 13.17.51

Saturday morning I woke up at immediately thought of grumpy cat:


The only major thing that happened through the night was a severe temperature drop – the house was 62 degrees! I never turn the heater on but I made an exception since I’m getting over that cold from last week. I ate my usual oatmeal for breakfast at 5:30 then had an immense craving for popcorn. So I had some. #Yolo!

2012-12-22 10.00.53

I basically sat around the house all day. I finished up season 2 of Downton Abbey and read through a few magazines. I did get up and go for a walk in the afternoon. I ended up coming across a park and had the great idea to get on the swings for a bit.

2012-12-22 13.19.16

2012-12-22 13.23.04

I’m so old now I was ridiculously dizzy the rest of the day.

The most exciting part of the evening came from spending 10 minutes taking down the blinds in the living room to safely capture and release outside a ladybug.

2012-12-22 16.16.02

Sunday morning I woke up feeling more refreshed than I have in weeks and I attribute it to getting 8.5 hours of sleep. I used to always get about that amount but the last few weeks I’ve started reading before bed again and it’s pushed back my bedtime about an hour. I didn’t realize how much of a negative impact it was having until I forced myself to go to bed on time last night and saw such a huge improvement in my energy and mood! I wasn’t sure if I would run 10 miles again like last weekend, in the back of my mind I knew I’d be happy with 8, but I did it! Also tried a new gu flavor with caffeine (loved it) and rocked my Hello Kitty arm warmers as leg warmers since they only workout pants I own are capris and it was way to cold to be running with naked shins.

2012-12-23 10.03.53

The run felt great, and aside from some soreness in one of my Achilles tendons I couldn’t have asked for a better run! I quickly changed to head to the grocery store as I had nothing in the house and was starving. Grocery shopping while hungry is such an epic failure I was smart and brought a Premier Protein shake to have with me on the way!

2012-12-23 11.28.44

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and didn’t get to overwhelmed with last minute Christmas activities and shopping! I’ll be headed out to fort walton later today and hope everyone else who may be traveling stays safe.

My Christmas wishlist was pretty small this year – some books and dvd’s mostly. What are you hoping to find under the tree? 

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