Three Things You Don’t Need to Buy For Your Baby (and what to get instead)

July 9th, 2016 | Posted by Erica House in Life

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During my pregnancy I spent hours and hours researching everything I’d need to buy for my little man. I looked up various registry checklists and I’d stay up all night researching the safest car seat or baby gate on Amazon. I’d scour baby forums to see what other moms said their ‘must have’ items were, and what things you could do without.

I try to maintain as much of a minimalist approach with my son as possible. I know he will outgrow toys rapidly so I always search the local sale groups on facebook before I buy him something to see if I can buy it used. Before I buy something I’ll usually ask myself “is this something my grandparents needed to raise babies?” Often times the answer is no. Babies survived just fine before all the hundreds of items marketed toward new moms came along!

Here are three things we opted to not buy for our son, and what we did instead.

A High Chair

Since I knew we would be moving from Alabama to Florida the day we were discharged from the hospital, and to Alaska six weeks later, I knew I didn’t want a lot of stuff to move. I wasn’t sure how big our future dining room would be so I didn’t want to get a traditional high chair that would take up a lot of space.

I found this 2 in 1 booster seat that we started using with our son when he was about 4 months old and starting to sit up okay on his own. I’d put him in it on the floor in the kitchen as I cleaned or cooked, and now he’s using it to eat. In a year or so we’ll take the tray out and just use it as a booster seat so he can eat at the table. It is much cheaper than a high chair and much more versatile!


Sippy Cups

I spent many years as a nanny for a family and later as a babysitter for tourist kids in Seaside, Florida. I remember sippy cups. Lots and lots of sippy cups.

The two issues I kept reading about sippy cups was that you had to buy multiple cups as the child aged to ‘transition’ them out of. You’d start with a small bottle with a certain kind of spout similar to a nipple, then progress to a stage 2 cup, then to a more adult like cup. That’s a lot of cups. I also read orthodontists warned against using certain kinds of cups, and using them too long, as they could lead to dental issues.

So, when I came across this miracle cup I thought I’d give it a shot. It absolutely lives up to it’s name! You can drink from any part of the outter rim, and it never leaks. It took baby a few days to get used to it but now he drinks from it just like a regular cup.

Baby Laundry Detergent

It baffled me when I found out you were supposed to buy a special laundry detergent for your baby. Really? So, you are supposed to spend more money to buy separate detergent for them but now you also have to do an extra load of laundry?

Nah – I’m good.

Since before he was born I’ve been washing his clothes in regular detergent. Guess what? It was completely fine! Saved me time and energy which are two things a new mom could always use more of.

While I was at Target in Anchorage I picked up some of the new Tide purclean. Anytime I make it to Target now it feels like I’m back at home in Florida! Travis asked me what I wanted to do for my birthday this year and, you guessed it, all I wanted was to take another roadtrip back to Anchorage to do some shopping at my favorite store!

While at Target I needed to stock up on some cleaning and laundry supplies. I was excited when I saw a new product from Tide. TIde Purclean is made from 65% bio-based ingredients and with 100% renewable electricity. Most importantly – it works. It smells amazing and it does a great job getting all of our dirty clothes clean. Since we do baby led weaning little man makes an absolute mess of his clothes and we never have an issue getting them clean.IMG_2414

I love how little detergent you have to use for a medium sized load. We tend to do just two medium loads a week so this is going to last me forever.

I only use the best for my little monkey butt!

You should definitely pick some up, and enjoy shopping at Target for me. Make sure you use the Cartwheel app to get 5% off and look for the $1 off coupon on most bottles.



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