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September 14th, 2012 | Posted by Erica House in Life

I think I will start recapping my weekly workouts on Fridays. I always enjoy seeing what other bloggers do to work out and doing this will help  hold me accountable to keep my fitness routine up to par!

Fitness Recap: Saturday Sept. 8th to Friday September 14th.

Saturday: My favorite at home cardio workout, Jillian Michael’s Banish Fat Boost Metabolism!

Sunday: It was so gorgeous out we went on a 90 minute walk. Matt harassed some birds and I got to try out my new Columbia workout clothes.

Monday: My first Bob Harper workout! Read my full review of his killer upper body routine here.

Tuesday: 4.0 mile run in 48  minutes

Wednesday: Level 3 of Jillian Michael’s new Killer Abs dvd (review coming soon!)

Thursday: We set a personal record for our 5k time! (See picture below)

Friday (Today): I will be killing it with my overall favorite workout – Booty Barre!

 I have been eating the same lunch this week (although it is different from what I was doing before when I talked about my food rut!)

 300 calories of pure amazingness in your mouth. Greek pita with red onion, feta, olives and tomatoes with a big ‘ol juicy apple.

I finally had to buy a lighter color foundation! I’m so proud of this since it’s a side effect of quitting tanning after 10 years!

I had an epic text conversation with my Mom (Hi Mom!)

We found a cat in a tree. He wasn’t a very nice kitty so he ran off when I tried to be friends with him :(

I received the Vega Sport Bars I won from Nicole’s giveaway over on Making Good Choices!

Took my blood pressure while waiting for my eye drop prescription at Publix. Apparently I’m not supposed to wear my contact for the next week and put some antibiotics in my eyeball because of some scratch or something the doctor saw during my annual exam. Yeah, like that’s going to happen.

I’ve realized I need to not buy any new tea for about a year and work through the amazing stash I have. Part of my new stress relief plan includes lots of tea and meditation.

 Finally, I got to sport all the beautiful new clothes I got last weekend to work this week.


I still need new gray pants (obviously) but the top is new from Express!

Matt and I are planning to tackle one of our monthly fitness goals and go for a 10 mile hike this weekend! What is everyone else doing to enjoy their time off?

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