Trip to the Childrens Museum and Baby’s First Taste of Sugar

July 11th, 2016 | Posted by Erica House in Life

We had quite the exciting weekend! I’ve been trying to find a time to take baby to the Fairbanks Children’s Museum as I thought they were closed on the weekends, but wanted Travis to be able to come with us for his first time. Well, I’m dumb, and they are open on Saturday so we went after his morning nap.

I loved watching baby explore all the different exhibits!


The whole family enjoyed this suction tube thing the best. You could flip different switches to change the direction of the air flow and experiment with putting soft balls and scarves in one spot to see where they’d shoot out. IMG_3401

Baby’s favorite spot was the water table. This just reaffirms that I need to buy one for him for the backyard! I’ve been keeping my eye on the local sale pages on Facebook to try and snag one used.IMG_3416

I really loved that they had a separtte spot for the little babies. An annual family membership is $120 and I think we would end up going here once a week so I’m going to ask my parents for a membership for his 1st birthday in September (two freaking months away – I cannot believe it.)


After the museum we walked to one of our favorite restaurants, the Crepery. I don’t know about Travis but it’s the best food I’ve had in Fairbanks. I got the Mediterranean crepe and it was stuffed with cheese, tomatoes, and green olives. We ‘split’ a creme brulee crepe. I say ‘split’ because I only snagged a few bites before Travis devoured it.IMG_3423

We even gave baby a few bites! I was holding out to give him sugar on his first birthday, but it was so good and he kept trying to eat it so we gave him a few strawberry slices covered in creme brulee and whipped cream. He loved it.

While we were downtown we walked over to Kitchen Vixen to see what they have in stock. They are only open on the weekends and always post the cutest macarons on facebook. I’ve only had macarons once before so I wanted to try them again! The sea salt caramel was one of the best sweets I’ve ever had – by far. IMG_3425

Thank goodness yesterday was a feast day!

Saturday night we kayaked out to an area of Tanana Lake that’s only really accessible by boat. Baby and I picnicked while Travis fished. He loves being out on the water! We only kayak about 5-10 minutes with at a time as that seems to be the longest he will sit still before wanting to explore.

I am excited for this week! I have so many projects I’ve been working on and things are really starting to take off. I’m organizing a free 5 day course on blog monetization that starts August 1st if you are interested sign up here. I’ve got a waitlist going for my bootcamp starting August 22nd, and we are hoping to hear back from Travis’s work about taking some time off for a few trips we want to take this Fall!

How was your weekend?

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