Valentines Day Robbery

February 17th, 2014 | Posted by Erica House in Health | Life

It’s been a heck of a weekend.

I had an amazing first date/Valentines date Friday night. I’m so mad at myself for not snapping a photo of us together! All I got was this one I took while getting ready. I promise, we  both cleaned up nicely.
2014-02-14 18.31.03He brought gorgeous flowers and coconut water, assuming (rightfully so) that a box of chocolates wasn’t on the top of my ‘want’ list.
2014-02-15 08.18.44We stopped by Artel Gallery downtown where they were having a silent art auction and a reception before the Vagina Monologues. We didn’t stay for the show but ran into a few friends and he bid on some art (and won!) as a gift to a friend. 2014-02-14 19.15.22We had dinner reservations at Picasso’s Jazz Club downtown. They just opened a few weeks ago and were slammed that night. We had reservations for 8:30 but I don’t think we were actually at the table until 9:30. Thankfully, I had great company and we found seats at the bar.
2014-02-14 20.33.30
I went with something light, a cheese plate, to leave room for what I really wanted – dessert. 2014-02-14 21.56.53I had this truffle tasting with paired wines and it was freaking delicious. Oh, and a few bites of his chocolate cake!2014-02-14 22.24.41We ended up at Intermissions where I totally schooled him in foosball. That art on the table is what he won at the auction. The entire night was going perfectly until I went to the ladies room and he stepped away from his phone on the table for a minute and someone stole it. So lame.
2014-02-14 23.57.26That was definitely the worst part of the night. The best was when Dave Coulier (a.k.k. ‘uncle’ Joey on Full House) talked to me on twitter. #LifeComplete

2014-02-15 08.47.07
Saturday I received this months Bestowed box. Great timing because I was starving and had zero desire to leave the house! I ate everything pictured except for the oatmeal and Santa Barbara bar that day. It was all delicious, as usual. When I get an email that my Bestowed box has shipped I start stalking the tracking number. If you want to try it (and I recommend it 100%) you can use the discount code HELLOYUM11 to get their first Bestowed box for $10 (normally $19).2014-02-15 10.18.34Later that day I stopped by the restaurant my Valentines Date works at to give him a belated Vday present. He insisted I eat some triple chocolate cheesecake, drink a glass of wine, and taste some whiskey. I felt obligated so I did. Such a hard life.2014-02-15 16.37.01Sunday I woke up early to get my long run done. I was thrilled when my old running partner said she’d run 10 of the miles with me. Running anything over two hours alone gets really, really boring. It was also nice that she helped keep my pace up a bit quicker than my normal long run pace (11:30).
2014-02-16 09.36.28After a quick shower I headed downtown to meet some friends. I hung out with them last year in New Orleans and they’ve since moved to Wisconsin so I don’t see them nearly as often as I wish I could. We walked around downtown for a bit and were able to watch some of the Zombie run.
2014-02-16 11.11.22It was in the mid 60’s all day and could not have been any nicer out.
2014-02-16 11.30.45-1How was your weekend? 

A friend told me her date had their phone stolen on their first date and they’ve been together 2 years now! Have you had any bizarre things happen on a first date?

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