Valentines Day Weekend

February 16th, 2015 | Posted by Erica House in Life

Was perfect.

Everything just felt back to normal for the first time since I got back from yoga teacher training.

Backtracking a little to Friday and I started off the day with the same smoothie I’ve been making all week: Publix Greenwise vanilla protein powder, 1 cup spinach, a cup of almond milk, 1/2 a frozen banana and 1 cup of frozen pineapple. SO GOOD. I usually end up eating a second breakfast around 9-10 a.m. but it’s been a nice change from oatmeal.2015-02-14 07.08.17-1Later that morning I walked into my bathroom and caught Salem weighing himself. He does this a few times a week. He’s actually waiting for me to open the shower curtain so he can jump in the tub (he loves hanging out in there – freak) but I like to think he’s just concerned about maintaining his girlish figure. I was happy to see he’s down to 14.7 lbs. He was 16 last year! I think having siblings to play with is helping out a lot. 2015-02-13 10.00.44Friday night we made an exciting trip out to Taco Bell. On the way we caught this gorgeous sunset. 2015-02-13 17.37.39Saturday morning I stumbled into the bathroom half asleep and found this bag waiting for me. Travis and I both agreed that we weren’t going to do anything ‘big’ for Valentines Day so I really thought the roses he had delivered last week were going to be it! I decided to wait until he woke up to open it (I got up around 6:30 a.m.) since seeing someone open their gift is half the fun. Well, by 8 a.m.I couldn’t take it anymore, and figured if he didn’t want me to open it without him he wouldn’t have left it out, so I tore into it. He got me the Sims 3 for PC! I’ve been playing the free Sims game on my phone for a few weeks so this was perfect. I’ve already invested about 5 hours into the game.


2015-02-14 07.33.24Later that afternoon we headed into Dothan to do some shopping before dinner. For Christmas I gave Travis a Date Box. In it were about 10 cards in envelopes that each had a, “open when…” written on the front. So, depending on the mood he was in he’d pick a card and we’d do whatever was inside. He can’t open another one until we’ve done the one he’s selected. It’s been a lot of fun! So far we’ve done three.

“Open when …. you feel like being a nerd and getting caffeinated.” – Inside this I put a gift card to Barnes and Noble and one to Starbucks (side note: You can’t use starbucks gift cards at the starbucks inside of Barnes and Noble!)

“Open when … you feel like dinner and a movie at home.” – A Papa Johns gift card and one to Best Buy to pick up a movie.

“Open when … you feel like doing a bit of shopping and having fun.” – A gift card to Toys-R-Us

I save the points on my credit card all year to get Gift Cards with for Christmas so that’s where 75% of the dates came from. There are a few good one’s left to do that I’m excited about! We had a lot of fun walking around Toys-R-Us. We both wanted to get Life, and then saw Chutes & Ladders for only $3 and had to grab Candy Land as well. 
2015-02-14 16.40.45

For dinner we tried out La Parrilla for the first time. The place is always packed when we drive by so we thought it would be fun to try out on Valentines Day. There was a 45 minute wait so we walked across the street to Best Buy and by the time we got back (30 minutes later) our buzzer went off. Some of the reviews said the service was bad but our server was on point. We had delicious chips and salsa within 2 minutes of sitting down, and our food was out about 10 minutes after ordering.

I ATE ALL THE BEANS. I had a chalupa (my first one!), a cheese enchilada, and two black bean tacos. Plus almost an entire basket of chips to myself.  I kept thinking I couldn’t fit anything else in me … but I did.
2015-02-14 17.46.43

Travis had his eye on dessert so we ordered the fried ice cream. I didn’t care too much for it so only had a bite before letting him devour it. 2015-02-14 18.04.58Sunday morning we got up early to get on the road to be in Pensacola by 11:30 for our massage appointments. My parents gave us both gift certificates to my favorite massage therapist (Tanja) and this weekend was perfect for us to use them. Before we left I had a random craving for French Toast so I had to make that happen.2015-02-15 07.33.01


Tanja did an amazing job, as usual. I have the worst TMJ pain from knots in my shoulders/neck and she really worked them out for me. I’m so sore there right now but it’s such a great soreness! After our massages we went to TBS comics to look around for a bit (I’m always on the hunt for anything Sailor Moon, Buffy, Charmed or X-Files.) I didn’t come across anything in those categories but I did see this comic that Travis was nice enough to get for me!

2015-02-15 14.56.07Finally we made a quick stop by Jason’s deli and we were back on the road for Alabama. It was a long day but the perfect way to end our weekend. The cats missed us so much they left us poopy presents on the floor. We are so loved.

How was your weekend?
Did you ever read comics? Have any 90’s show obsessions?


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19 Responses

  • That’s hilarious about your cat weighing himself. I got a kick out of that! My dog needs to drop 1 kg, so maybe I’ll show her a pic of your cat to motivate her… haahah. Happy Monday!

    • Erica House says:

      Hahaha. Maybe you should put pictures of thin doggies up by her food bowl to motivate her to lose weight (telling a dog to do that sounds almost as crazy as when women do it to themselves!)

  • SuzLyfe says:

    Salem. Weighs. Himself. That is too much. Love the date box, and the descriptions. Alex and I love board games (though we hardly ever get to play, imagine that), but Sorry! has been chillin in my car since we moved, haha, and our jenga set is crazy warped. No idea why, but it makes gameplay verrryyy interesting, let me tell you…

  • Jenny says:

    What a perfect weekend! And I love the gift idea! I should do that with Alfie. We struggle with life balance (I.e. the husband is a workaholic) that would force us to get out and do things!

  • Krysten says:

    Love the board game fest! My hubby and I have an extensive game collection and it is always such a fun way to spend the night together!!

  • I totally still get into those games with my kids, they really don’t get old!

  • What a fun Valentine’s Day weekend! I love Salem so much!

  • tara says:

    OMG that i the best gift idea !!! i may do this for my boyfriend for his bday. like something like…open today…then a few more like what you did….like open if you have a bad day at work, or something like that. thanks for the great idea ! oh and my kitty always runs around a ton in the spring and eats a bit less and we always joke he’s getting ready for swimsuit season ! and i SWEAR the few times i eat something crapy like mcdonalds he sits on the couch arm and stares at me with this really judgemental look on his face like “really mom…u KNOW that is bad for you”.

    • Erica House says:

      Hahaha – picturing Salem in a speedo is just fantastic. If your cat is anything like mine he’s staring at you while you eat McDonalds because he wants some!

  • That picture of Salem on the scale is pretty hilarious! LOL…Glad you had a great weekend.

  • Sounds like so much fun! My husband and I have so many games that some of them are residing above the cabinets in our kitchen since we didn’t have another place to put them. We haven’t played in awhile though, so maybe we should bust some out!

  • I love your date ideas! I always think that “coupon books” are a bit boring and overdone, but yours was a fresh take with actual gift cards and “moods” instead of empty promises (you know how those coupon books typically go unused), haha! Hey, I was wondering about your yoga teacher training. Is that something you were able to use for your personal training ceu’s? Or what do you do for those?

    • Erica House says:

      Oh yeah I thought about doing a Valentines Day coupon book but you are so right – no one ever redeems them! I remember making them for my Mom as a kid and she’s got a lot of clean rooms and clean dishes owed to her still. My CPT certificate expires this Summer and I don’t know if I’m going to do the CEU’s to keep it up. I just don’t use it right now. However, I do remember seeing ACSM offers a lot of free CEU’s for reading articles they publish and taking short quizzes on them, so if I can find a way to get re-certified for free I’ll do it!

  • shannyn says:

    I totally love Sailor Moon and I have all of the comics in book form… LOVE comics and Candy Land too! Glad you had a wonderful Vday!