Vegan Black Bean Brownie Fail

May 14th, 2012 | Posted by Erica House in Life | Recipes

I wanted to like these.

I’ve been meaning to make them for years – ever since I came across a Black Bean brownie recipe and imagined in my head how glorious and guilt-free they would be.

What I should have realized was that Vegan Black Bean Brownies are considerably different from ‘regular’ Black Bean Brownies.

I used a recipe from the Happy Herbivore cookbook. The entire recipe can be found on their website here. The ingredients are pictured below:

Now imagine for a moment what two bananas, a can of beans, oatmeal and some sugar/cocoa processed in a blender would taste like.

Whatever sensation you have in your mouth this second is precisely what they came out tasting like.

As I was making them I forced boyfriend to stay out of the kitchen so he wouldn’t see what the ingredients were. I wanted to see if he could tell what was in them just from tasting them. The sound of a can opener, blender and my incessant giggling at the absurdity of it all should have clued him in to the fact these would not make it to the top of his favorite recipes list. I concluded my time int he kitchen and rejoined him in the living room – immediately apologizing in advance for what he was about to eat.

Overall they weren’t bad – per say. Think of it like a banana chocolate pudding cake. The batter was actually quite delicious and looking back I should have just poured it into a glass and had it like a smoothie! Fresh out of the oven the edges were okay but it was severely under-cooked in the middle. I’m not giving up on Black Bean Brownies just yet. I found another recipe I’m going to try and hopefully I’ll be able to post a success story with those soon.

Sweet boyfriend took one bite and asked if I would be offended if he didn’t have any more.

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