Weekly Workout Wrap Up

December 21st, 2012 | Posted by Erica House in Life

Workout Wrap Up

Dec 21

Despite  being sick this week I’ve managed to stick to a fairly typical week of workouts. There is a slight lack of running since my biggest issue has been a nagging cough but otherwise I owe a lot of my motivation to stay on track to my new toy – the Polar Heart Rate monitor! I’ll be doing a full review next week but I am so in love with this thing!

The biggest accomplishment of the week was this:

2012-12-15 09.23.41

So proud of myself still and look at those calories burned! You bet I went out and had a few glasses of wine that night :) I will say the only disappointing thing about having this monitor is that I realized I’m burning WAY less calories doing my strength/barre routines than I always thought I was.

2012-12-19 10.33.54

For anyone who has done a Barre workout they are a killer. My heart rate stays elevated the whole time and my legs are burning the next day. I was shocked to see that after an hour I hadn’t even hit 250! I’ll talk about all this in much more depth in my review.

Salem  has been enjoying the new couches this week. I’ve caught him starting to claw on the sides and I just yell at him furiously until he stops and I feel like an abusive parent.

2012-12-19 12.09.51

I hope you guys aren’t totally sick of my lentil recipes yet – because I have another great one for you next week! This beast made 18 cups and comes in at 140 calories per 1.5 cup serving and 13 grams of protein.

2012-12-19 18.25.19

I’m headed over to the parents today to try and get my Holiday spirit on. The weather, being sick, and starting to pack has made it feel very un-Christmasy. I’ll leave with one of my favorite family photos we took around Christmas time in 2010. It’s like we posed on purpose to make some horrible 90’s pop rock cd cover. Josh claims he had no idea Dad and I were standing so far behind him – I remember after Mom took the photo we looked at it on the camera screen and laughed uncontrollably for about 10 minutes. I remember that moment so vividly yet couldn’t tell you what I got that year for presents if my life depended on it.


What do you normally do to put yourself in the Christmas spirit if your in a Grinch Funk?

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