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September 28th, 2012 | Posted by Erica House in Fitness

A couple things of note in my workout summary for the week (checkout my workout review for Jillian Michaels and Booty Barre here).
1. I took a rest day! An actual, zero activity, rest day. I woke up feeling a bit down so instead of working out I did this:

2. I MET MY 5k GOAL FOR SEPTEMBER! You can see by our ‘current pace’ (when I took this snapshot of Runkeeper) of just under 7 minutes that we were killing it in the end to make it in under 35 minutes. Ironically, this run started off terrible, but clearly turned out to be my best! Matt actually ran a 5k by himself this week and came in at 32 minutes. Show off.

I’m so happy to have met this goal and will talk about it more (along with whether or not I reached my other fitness goals) once this month is officially over (I’m such a tease).

One thing I’ve been totally obsessed with this week:

How old school is this? The color is actually nice and it doesn’t taste like plastic like many of the other cheap glosses do. I’m a lip-gloss connoisseur btw. I seriously have no less than 3 on me at all times. Matt actually forgot to put mine in the backpack before we went hiking last time and I almost spazzed on him. Seriously, not cute.

I came across a few great blog posts this past week, definitely check them out if you have the time! I’m starting to save great posts as I read them so I can share them on Fridays. I don’t have an official 9-5 anymore but when I did I spent most of Friday afternoon finding stuff aside from work to take up my time!

Tina from Carrotts and Cake talks about the difference between training and draining (something I wasn’t listening to at the start of this week, hence my crappy run!)

Amanada shows how to calculate your RMR (Resting Metabolic Rate) to help understand how many calories you should be eating. She even had hers officially tested and now I’m on the hunt for a place that will do that in Pensacola for me!

Finally, not a blog post but something I found interesting, this Anti-Obesity commercial has sparked a ton of controversy. What do you think about it?

I hope you all have a wonderful Friday. I have so many great things planned to do, make, and eat this weekend and can’t wait to share them with you next week!


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  • StylinMom says:

    Hey there love your blog! Very informative! I love this commercial…I think it is a message we need to get out there more!

    • Erica House says:

      Thank you! I thought the commercial was fine – I get why it may hurt people who are struggling with healthy eating habits right now but I think the message is important.

  • Oh my gosh, congrats on your 5K time!!! That’s so awesome :)

    Hm, I actually like the commercial. I know it can be a hard message to hear, but honestly, it’s unfair to children to put them into this cycle of unhealthy eating habits.

    P.S. Now I’m totally wanting some Dr. P lipsmackers ;)

  • Amanda says:

    Personally, I love these commercials. And I think it’s less of a comment on weight than it is on eating healthy overall. I saw this Nike commercial not too long ago (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2JnYcuRW_qo) which caused a lot of controversy as well. I think people are offended because they think these ads are making a comment on the way people look. But these ads are meant to be comments on health–not the way people look.

    • Erica House says:

      I LOVE that Nike commercial! I showed it to Matt when it came out and I’ve actually thought about that kid plugging along when I need motivation to continue running!

  • Well, I’m glad to know that I am not the only one with a chapstick/gloss fixation! I, too, never have less than 3 on me, and I actually have a plastic basket full of all my different flavors/brands so that I can switch them out :) And, um, I’m a HUGE Dr. Pepper fan, so um, I need your chapstick!

    • Erica House says:

      Lol I’d offer to share but I don’t know how hygienic that would be :) I blame my addiction on a bike accident in high school that tore my lip up pretty bad. I started using Vitamin E religiously to avoid scarring and now I feel super uncomfortable if my lips are every dry! I have glosses stashed all over the house-I’m like a freaking squirrel.

  • Awesome work on your run! don’t kick yourself for the 38minutes though, there are benefits to long slow runs as well :)

    I just cracked under the 35minute mark myself – too bad you live so far south (or I live so far north) or we could train together!

    That ad is amazing. Its a sad fact, but its something people need to learn.

    • Erica House says:

      I tend to be to hard on myself at times – particularly in the fitness realm when I feel like I should be able to do something and my body just isn’t cooperating!

  • Jodi says:

    I think that commercial is great. Parents need to realize how much their own choices affect their kids’ choices. I have a FB friend who is very overweight and so are her two older kids. She starts and stops all the time with changing their diets and exercising, etc., but never sticks with it.

    Love that you have so much success with videos. I usually do videos a couple times a week and try to get on the treadmill the rest of the time, but sometimes I feel guilty when I do videos, like I am not doing enough. I need to remember that exercise is exercise no matter how I get it!

    • Erica House says:

      I’ve talked with Matt about how I will act toward food whenever kids enter the picture. I’m confident I will display healthy eating behavior but I’m going to have to be careful not to harp on my own body image issues in front of them. I’ll make small comments throughout the day like “oh I shouldn’t have eaten so much I feel terrible” and I don’t want my kids growing up equating food with emotions!
      Using home workout DVD’s has been a lifesaver for me. When I used to have a job that I had to be at by 8 a.m. I just didn’t have enough time to go to the gym before (and I am not someone who can work out at night!). I think I actually get a better workout at home with someone to look at and direct me every second then I do when I’m at the gym!

      • Yes, this is something that I also wonder about. Kids are nowhere near my radar (like, at all), but I would definitely worry about passing on my food issues to them.

        It’s amazing that eating can be so simple…but so complicated.

        • Erica House says:

          It seriously is the most complicated relationship I’ve ever had!

          • Jodi says:

            We try to teach our kids that moderation is key. Yes, if you ate most of your dinner including most of your fruit and/or veggies and did the same at lunch, you can have a treat. But if you’ve already had a treat that day, you surely don’t need another one after dinner. And exercise is important. It’s good for us and keeps us healthy. And healthy is what matters…not skinny and fat. And we never call anybody fat because if they are fat, they probably are aware and trying to fix it (hopefully). And skinny does not mean healthy; a lot of skinny people are unhealthy (I knew one who drank a coke and smoked a cig upon waking in the morning and subsisted on mainly fast food but she was a size 0). It’s so complicated and in depth. I don’t really want them to have a food complex in any way. I want them to know that treats are ok and if you are full stop eating, etc.

          • Erica House says:

            It sounds like you are doing everything right! I’m fortunate my parents instilled similar eating patterns in me when I was young and picked up my own body image issues once I became overweight in my early 20s. I always flip when I see a family exercising together – parents just don’t understand that children learn through modeling and they will end up picking up all behaviors (good and bad) from their family!

  • I totally love those runs that start off icky and finish like AMAZING…just reminds me that if I can keep going it gets better.

    thanks for the link up!!

  • frhuman says:

    I think I need to try the Jillian video. I need a good ab routine!

  • Great job on the 5K time!!! I love when I can accomplish a goal!!!
    I’ve never seen that commercial, but I love it. Very powerful.

    • Erica House says:

      Thank you!
      The commercial was pretty powerful – even I felt awful for that Mom when she looked back at her daughter and completely realized what she was doing.

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