Weekly Workout Wrap-Up

October 5th, 2012 | Posted by Erica House in Fitness

{My reviews of DVD’s mentioned above found here}

The highlight of the week was definitely our 5 mile run on Thursday! I love long runs. We run the same time intervals (2 minutes 30 seconds on, with a 30 second break) that we do with our shorter runs but the pace is much slower. We could actually hold a conversation this time – amazing!

Yesterday afternoon I decided to break up my routine a bit and busted out the air-popper Mom bought me last weekend. With my crazy teaching schedule I’m home at odd hours throughout the day and I spend 90% of that time working on the blog or freelance writing. Yesterday though, I wanted to relax.

I actually got into the very bad habit of making popcorn for dinner often while living the single-girl-life. It’s just so quick, involves zero clean up and is low-calorie (albeit totally nutritionally deficit).

I’ve also found that the only time I emotionally eat is when I’m stressed, and I always go for something crunchy. The chewing relaxes me or something!

I made 5 tablespoons which translates into this glorious bowl full of 200 calories. I’ll spray a little spray butter on top and sprinkle some white cheddar seasoning on it. OMG so good but not filling at all.

I tried to share some with Salem but he was evidently to full from lunch to partake in it with me.

Check back tomorrow when I share an INCREDIBLE under 100 calorie peanut butter cookie recipe! It’s a single serving microwave dish so perfect for those times you’ve got a sweet tooth but don’t need a full batch of cookies in the house!

We’re heading out to Destin on Saturday to soak up the last bit of summer. What is everyone up to this weekend?

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