Weekly Workout Wrap-Up + Salem Video

November 30th, 2012 | Posted by Erica House in Life

Most notable thing about my workouts this past week was setting a new distance PR of 7 miles! Aiming for 7.5 – 8 this weekend at a 10 min pace. After some great feedback this week on my ‘Am I a Runner Yet‘ post I’m totally owning it.

Random shots from my Instagram this week:

It was freezing in my office this week! Rocking my favorite Victoria’s Secret pink pea coat with detachable fur hoodie!

I tried to cut down to 1 cup of tea a day. I’m not sure why I wanted to cut back, it’s not like tea is that unhealthy for you and it’s the only caffeine source I use regularly. That lasted about a week and I’m happily enjoying my afternoon Yerba Mate’s again!

I don’t have my Phd so I make sure to tell my students not to call me that unless they see me out with my friends so I can show off. One student wrote this on the homework journal he turned in this week. I’m considering extra credit.

My home ‘office’. Nice view now :)

Lunch this week has been broccoli, mushroom & feta quiches with Mom’s Apocalyptic Carrot Salad + cinnamon soaked apple. Yummy!

Finally, me pouting because I hate when my pink clashes with my top (yet this wine top from Express is one of my favorites!)

Moving on: Here is a great article from Organic Authority on  Natural Ways to Combat Depression

Finally, A video I shot yesterday with Salem – if you look past his morbid obesity he’s actually quite adorable.

I’ll try to get another one of him ‘in action’ soon. Action for him being eating and pooping on my floor.

Look for another post from me today on pvBody. I’ve been doing a lot of double post days lately – I just have so much to talk about! I’ve also got another giveaway lined up for (hopefully) next week. I just love ya’ll so much :)

I am in complete denial that it is December 1st on Saturday. That can’t possibly be true and I defy someone to prove it to me otherwise (aside from those trivial little ‘calendar’ things). I’ll be spending most of my weekend working. I’ve got a stack of about 100 homework journals to grade (and 60 more being turned in next week) and Final Exams start on December 11th. It’s surreal how quickly this term went by, and how much things have changed in the last few months!

I’ll stop rambling before I get all existential on you.

So, I’ll be camped out at my ‘office’ grading – what will you all be doing this weekend? If you’re doing some Holiday shopping don’t forget to check out my gift guide!

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